Topic 5: Lessons learnt

Now at last, this is my final blog. During this ONL course.

Hopefully I will continue doing several more in the future.

As a teacher you are supposed to give the students up-to-date knowledge, guide them for their future working life, give them support and encourage them. This, and sometimes much more.

The students, on the other hand, have expectations on you as an educator/instructor. That includes considerable skills, positive and encouraging spirit, constructive corrections, modern technology and scientific learning. Probably even more.

I am not especially technically skilled. I don’t even have facebook. Signing up for this course was a big challenge for me. The aim was set high, but my fears were even greater. Not just because I was technically illiterate, but maybe even more the fear of leaving digital footprints online. The knowledge of malicious people and the illegal activity that makes people restrain from engaging online.

Despite all those fears, here I am doing my fifth blog with a smile on my face. I have learned a lot about digital literacy, webinars and blogs. I have connected with people in my PBL group that helped me to see things from different points of view and learned how to collaborate with different tasks online without having met them face-to-face. I have revised my view on openness and sharing; what it means in today’s modern digital society with learners all over the world having a job as well as studying. Advantages with MOOC. Reflections on learning communities and collaborative learning have challenged my mind. Different pedagogical approaches have been presented for me, as well as models for design online and blended learning. I especially enjoyed Martha Cleveland-Innes webinar. Different tools for presentation have been used in our PBL group. I even volunteered to be topic leader for one of the topics, which is an achievement.

As an unexpected outcome, the impact of this course came quicker than I thought. I was on staff appraisal at KI with my employer, mentioning briefly at the end of the conversation about this course. She was impressed I did it in my spare time, also postulating it must have been difficult. We discussed some of the lessons learned and the benefit of incorporating it in KI’s new pedagogical platform in the future. She also initiated the enquiring about presenting some of the learned outcomes to our department.

I would like to finish up with some words from Abigail Adams:

“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and diligence”.